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OG Kush


Carbon Fiber is a distinctive strain known for its substantial THCa content of 22.99%, blending earthy, piney, and spicy aromas. Despite its simpler appearance, it offers an energizing and sociable effect, perfect for an uplifting and euphoric experience. Ideal for those valuing depth and richness in their selection.

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About Carbon Fiber: Despite its unassuming appearance, Carbon Fiber is a strain of distinction, offering a robust THCa content that enhances its value far beyond aesthetics. With a potent profile and an aroma that blends earthy tones with hints of pine and spice, this strain delivers a stimulating effect, fostering a sense of euphoria and increased sociability. Ideal for those seeking depth and complexity in their experience, Carbon Fiber emerges as a thoughtful choice for enthusiasts prioritizing substance over style.

  • Type: THCa Rich Hemp Flower
  • Potency: 22.99% THCa
  • Aroma: Earthy, Pine, Spicy
  • Effect: Energizing, Sociable, Euphoric

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